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Monday, May 23

More by Heidi Marshall actually is full of LESS!!!

Ugh! This book is sucking the life from me!!! We are adults. 27 years old, and we can't discuss sex with out dying of embarrassment and swooning at such a sin, but we can all laugh at vaginal cream humor?

Oh emmmm geeeee! Then of course, there are the little foibles that are meant to come across as....cute? Endearing? But fall so short on a naive (stupid) adult woman, they just kinda piss me off.

I'm all for the awkwardness and shyness of dating and meeting people and starting relationships, but this is SO DUMB.

I talk a lot of shit on men. I totally have fun w the male/female dynamic. Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus crap. When guys do stupid things, I totally sigh and say "men!" with the rest of the girls, but this "author" makes men out to be stupid. If I were a man, I would be offended.

Oh, and I hate the random insight to character thoughts when it's in the third person narrative. WTF? Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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So I'm starting More by Heidi Marshall.....so far SUCKS BALLS. The genre is "Christian Romance." And it's not the religious thing I have an aversion to, it's not something I care for, but meh....the characters are bland. It's like they're written from the perspective of a 13 year old girl telling her dream date and life. The protagonist is naive/innocent (way to unrealistic...and if people like this really do exist, I feel SO sorry for them) and the writing is horrible. It's like someone pretending to be an author. It's like a watered down version of what someone thinks an author should be like.

Wanna stab my eyes out. Oh...and I'm only on chap 2.......I can't waste time, so I have to finish it. Need it for my numbers. Gah. We'll see how it goes. Gotta run. I'm supposed to b working.

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Wednesday, May 18

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

This might not make very much sense, but I'm a little sleep deprived. So I purchased this book on a whim, and am I glad it struck my fancy. Don't judge a book by it's cover (this cover made me skim over this book for AGES). I'm glad I finally read the synopsis and bought it. It was just the kick in the butt I needed to pick me out of my book slump.

I purchased the book today and was so into it I considered calling in to work so I could finish it. I know, I have a problem. I'm actively search for a support group. Lol! Seriously, tho....unlike the other book I'm struggling to finish, this one had a very natural flow to it, both in the language and the plot development. It struck such strong invocations of emotions, I swear it felt like I got kicked in the chest sometimes. There was one part that seemed forced, when Grace learns they are shooting in the forest....the whole thing was so panicky and dramatic when the drama hadn't been established yet. If it were a movie scene, it would be a camera dizzyingly cutting in and out and people being sad for someone who just died, only u don't know who died or what's happening, so it's hard to care.

Other than that, I thought it was well written and a good read. I enjoyed the characters and thought the story had a nice blend of adventure, romance, and angst to keep me wanting to skip to end because I was dying with impatience to know what happens. I didn't!

it almost had the feel of fan fiction I've read in the past, in a good way. It's like the author likes her characters enough to consider what they do before she throws in on the page.....or maybe I just have a thing for furry beasts and broody boys. Lol! I loved the female characters. They were strong. Not in the way other characters makes their chicks "strong" (petulant and stubborn) and are really damsel in distress-y **cough cough ...Bella Swanson... cough cough*** I HATE weak female characters like that. Grace is a proper heroine. She keeps her cool, she rescues others as well as herself and even though she is human and we get the emotional aspect of the werewolf situation, it's not all mindless sam-sam-sam-Scarlet O'hara-woe-is-me kind of crap.

If you are into urban fantasy, read it. If you like YA supernatural, read it. Heck if you like the three F's (furr, fanged, and fey), read it.

Sunday, May 15

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

It took me almost a month to complete this book, not because I don't like it, but because I DO LIKE IT. AND HATE IT AT THE SAME TIME.

I'm calling it the paradox of Wuthering Heights. To be clear, it is not a difficult read. The language is accessible, and the story easily followed. I found challenges in the characters and their actions. They are too believable, and that is such a sad commentary on my life. Lol!

It's hard to believe people can be SO bitter and hateful towards each other, especially because they loved each other. What I felt for Heathcliff alone is all kinds of complicated. I pitied him as an orphan with no family and unfair treatment from Earnshaw and the others. I was mad with him and was kind of happy when he first started taking revenge (I'm a bitter type of person by nature), but it wouldn't stop! How can YEARS go by and his hatred still burn so strong? And worse yet, he loves Catherine and yet abuses her daughter.

Catherine (mother) is childish and petty. She wants Heathcliff, but she wants more than what he is and I can't begrudge her that, but she makes herself ill and in her own head thinks the world revolves around her and her whims and ends up dead. She never gets over Heathcliff, but she also loves Edward. She wants them to get along for her benefit, but at the same time, causes their hate.

The children unfortunately come into the world bearing the sins of the parents and end up paying for them. Cathy never strays too far from her mothers shadow. She is a spoiled princess to her father and her own free will traps her and results in her own anger at the world and bitterness. Linton is used and abused and just like Heathcliff was twisted towards bitterness and hate is made the same by his own father. And Hareton.....he was my absolute favorite character.....he was born to have so much more, Heathcliff hated everything he stood for and was, yet he adopted him and was as tender as could be towards him raising him better than he did his own son (debatable). But is that better or worse for Hareton? He ends up illiterate and gruff, he is mentioned to smack Cathy in the face when she is being a total b@tch and ridiculing him, yet he is lost in his devotion to her, bearing the brunt of Heathcliffs anger for himself to avoid punishment for her.

As you can see, it's not that I find the story un-entertaining or bad, but it hits so close to home and makes me almost scared to see when Bronte holds this mirror up to my face. I've loved, and the only person I've hated was te person I loved. We would go out of the way to make scars that should last quite a while on either side. And even now, years later, looking back it's a medley of emotions from sad and mad to happy and lonely.

I hate to say it, but I can see a real Wuthering Heights scenarion having happened in my own life. As much as I hate to admit it, there was so much anger, we could have really caused some harm, to others and ourselves. And we kind of did for a while. Luckily something happened that let us let it go. We can even stand to be in the same same room now and look back with both measures of sadness and joy.

This is still too close for my own heart and maybe years from now when I read it again, I will be at a different place and experience a whole new way. For now it feels a little like someone picked at a scab. And that someone might have been me!

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Letter to God -not a highlight in my life

Dear Baby Jesus,

Please let that idiot I like, get a clue, wake up and ask me out. Grab one of ur Heavenly Hammers and beat him over the head w it so I can be sure he gets the point. In your infinite wisdom, I know u created him with the sole purpose of trying my patience, and he lives up to the task w gusto! But I'm getting old and I'm more easily tired out and I'm not up to playing games anymore, even if they are for the idiotic link between man and child. Deep down.....deep deep deep down, I know he is a good man, but u also created me an impatient woman. If u can find it in ur heart to make this man-child evolve and show some affection for me, I will always love u and be grateful forever! If this Herculean task is too much, i understand. I will follow the three second rule and move on to one of the other many morons u see fit to throw my way. Thanks a lot.


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Tuesday, May 10


Isn't it weird sometimes how you and someone used to know each other so well and were so comfortable, u never thought about it?

Like you used to share funny things, or silly things, sad things, embarrassing things and it wasn't a big deal....

And then one day, years down the line, you two are sitting in front of each other and it's awkward. And you have nothing to say to each other and you wonder how that happened because you remember they used to swallow u up. Their joys were ur joys, their mood was ur mood and u were so in tune you wouldn't even trust ur own feelings before consulting them.

And u snap out of it and smile a polite smile. Because u have nothing to say to them. Even bringing up the weather sounds forced.

So u make up an engagement or that ur late for work and say u should catch up or "It was nice seeing u" and just like that they're gone again.

And it's not the fact that their gone that bothers u, but the memories came back and those u can't shake for days.

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Tuesday, May 3

I'm just not feeling it...

I don't know why, but even though I know I should be reading like a million books right now to make my goal.....they just can't seem to interest me or catch my imagination. They actually become work. Nutter-butters, I realistically might not make my goal. :(

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