2011 Reading Challenge

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Tuesday, May 4


So yesterday was an emotional day....and I'm not even hormonal ne more. J offered to loan me the monies needed to cover my family. Made me start crying.

L made me cry the other day. He went off bout H and made me cry too. I think I scurred him. It was just the straw that broke the camels back and I broke down.

L's been understanding and nice, in fact all my boys have been, even H, who's been stopping by to tell me lame jokes he knows I love to make me laugh.

Le sigh. My friends have really come together to help me be it emotionally, psychologically, or economically.

I sometimes worry that my IH-DA is getting more attached to me than he should. He text me the other day telling me he loved me. Lol. Joking around...he didn't even have to b drunk, he told me. Today he told me he appreciated me and was glad something brought us into each others path so we can meet cuz I'm funny and smart and pretty.

I laughed, like I know he meant me too, and my tummy did that little flip, but I dunno how I feel about myself right now, much less a guy.

I treasure him and his perspectives. I txt him when I dated the puppy! I hope nothing compromises our friendship.

- Meow