2011 Reading Challenge

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Friday, December 10

So I'm at a small jewlery store busting a "gift of the Magi" selling my jewels.....hurts, but not as much as I thought

- (=^_^=) meow

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Sunday, December 5

It's Like Jehovah Witnesses are at the door...

I am SO anti-social right now:

Right, so its sunday morning (afternoon) and alls I want is to lounge in my pj's w wild hair and my dogs piled around me watching BBC. Y then do people find the need to drop by un-announced? Gay! We have to make a mad dash to pretend to clean, I gotta hide in my room or gussie up and go chit chat about things I couldn't care less about....

being in a foul mood from having my Top Gear marathon interrupted, I chose the latter....lol! I sit here in my dark room with the tv off so no one knows Im home typing away, waiting with baited breath for people to leave. GAY!

I ignored the soft knock someone gave my door and am hearing them laugh downstairs, but Im stubborn and refuse to put on some jeans and play nice. Im bored. Going to roll over and go back to sleep. DOUBLE GAY

Thursday, December 2

Damn things not being fast enough for me!!

darn it all and back again! So you know how I'm horribly compulsive and obsessive about things. Well surprise surprise....i've found something else Im totally obsessive about. Now it's the BBC's Top Gear and its presenters. My happy obsession is made even more absurd because instead of downloading all 19-odd seasons (as I was wont to do) I found out that Netflix streams seasons 9 and up. And get this....I can netflix on my netbook, on the desktop hooked up to the 60" downstairs, AND it streams straight to my iphone. I can more than feed my Top Gear Petrol Head habit.

My psychosis runs much farther than brain rot from show overload, I've gone as far as Wiki-ing the host and knowing all kinds of details of their lives and learning about cars. yup....wipe ur glasses, u read right....Im trying to learn about cars. Just the other day I was having the biggest headache of all time because I was trying to understand Overrdrive and gears. It has all of a sudden become my life mission to learn to drive a stick shift!!

I want nothing more than to save up a couple of hundred dollars, to buy myself a shitty little car that I can abuse and experiment on doing all kinds of things like drifting, donuts, and just plain old breaking the Hell out of the transmission. I am truly a woman obsessed. The question is: For how long? That, unfortunately, I don't know the answer to. I was obsessed with Ouran for a cool minute....like 2 and a half years....and I still pop the DVD's in or stream it via Netflix every now and then, just cuz I can, but its certainly not as bad as it was when I first discovered the awesomeness of it.

The thing is, Im doing my best to KEEP feeding this addiction......Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, and even Ben Collins (The Stig) have written books! And I am dying to read them.....therein lies my problem..

So its hard enough to find the stupid books (especially Stiggy's book...Im dying for that one since it just came out), but when I do, shipping takes 2-4 MONTHS just to leave the warehouse in the UK. crap it all to heck and back again!  Naturally, I turn to my good friends who let me "borrow" things via torrent community, and I can't find any of the books at all! Grrrr! I resort to Kindle and ebook formats, for as much as it pains me to do so to BUY the stupid books, so long as I get them instant (for my instant gratification and all) and then I find out that due to stoopid copyright restrictions, some of them (especially STIGGY'S) cannot be gotten in the US. WTF!!

Needless to say...my wallet thank you stupid copyright laws (nonsensical too), but my heart and head would punch you in the face if you were a person. I'm just saying...