2011 Reading Challenge

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Sunday, October 31

Broken heart for my baby

Yesterday I felt the worst pain I've ever felt in my whole life.

Someone came to my home and stole my Diablito, my baby. He was four years old and always had that stupid vacant face dogs get but he also had that adorable wolfie grin like he was always laughing.

Who comes into a home and steals a beloved pet? Who does that? What kind of evil human being breaks a families heart like that? I want to scream at the top of my lungs. I want to rant and rage and just stop this empty feeling in my heart and knot of dread in the pit of my stomach.

I'm between denial and anger. I pray to anybody up in the skies listening. Please...PLEASE let him be okay.

If he never returns....please let him be in a good home with people that love him and are kind to him. Let him stay warm and comfortable and live long and happy and have plenty of milkbones and tennis balls.

I have to stop. My eyes are wtering so much it makes it hard to see. I'm offering a hundred dollar reward for his return, but I am not optimistic. God, I know I'm contrary and difficult. And I question everything and don't try enough, but please be kind to this wicked sinner even if she doesn't deserve it. I will.....no. No empty promises I won't remember. Please help him. Please let them b good to him. Please. From the bottom of my heart of hearts.

- meow


Thursday, October 28

Severus and other Flawed characters

Im re-reading Bree Despain "The Dark Divine" and I had a bit of a revelation. I hate perfect people. Grrrrr. The character Grace is so "good" she's stupid. Never questioning her parents, doing things people tell her to do. Not pushing?

I guess I don't like it cuz I can't relate. I like flawed characters. I like the thought of redemption and correcting mistakes. I guess it's cuz I'm flawed and like to believe in salvation.

Perfect Grace is so damn annoying. If my fam sent me away an my pseudo bro disappeared, I wouldn't meekly leave, return and go back to normal. WTF?! I'd go Nancy Drew on their asses. Grace can't even lie to her parents. Her bro gets all wierd, her pseudo bro disappears and she returns to life as usual?

She didn't deserve Daniel.

I'm frustrated. I have to go cuz I have to stop this stupid audio book. It's pissing me off.