2011 Reading Challenge

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Tuesday, March 2

The Black Hole

okay, so I found the black hole again. I swear I deserve some sort of Nobel Prize. I double, triple checked everything and still cant find my book. Lets rewind a little.
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I've been feeling pretty bummy lately. (quelle surprise) I decided a little shop therapy was in order, so I went to borders and spent close to $80 on books. Who says you can't buy happy? I devoured the first two and read them in as many days. (The Dark Divine and Hush Hush) Well, I started the third one and although just as great, this one hit a little more close to home in a lot of different ways. (I relate WAY too much with the heroine) Normally, this is a good thing, but she's bi polar, socio and all kinds of crazy. I don't know what that says about me. NE ways, it was a little disturbing to relate so much so I've been taking it in intervals.

Today, since I close at work, I dedicated most of my morning to it. It was great. Im maybe a third into the book and the action is pretty good. I was all comfy on the sofa downstairs and decided I was going to continue in bed. Well since I'm on the restricted diet and have to eat every 2 hrs (more on that later) and have been drinking TONS of tea. I had to pee, I had to get my earphones from the car and I had to cram 2 bananas down. (I freaking HATE bananas) It wasn't done in that particular order, but those are the things I did b4 I went upstairs to my room. I put the earphones in my ipod and danced around listening to a few songs when I finally decided a bath and the book would be a good idea. The only problem was, by this point, the book is nowhere to be found.

I retraced all my steps. I have turned things over and inside out and it finally drove me to clean my room! still, no book. Now I'm royally annoyed. It was getting really good! So here I am 3 hrs later, sweaty from cleaning, dirty (cuz I didn't get my bath) and still have no clue where it went. I think I found that black hole again. I called BBK up and told her.

Years ago, the first time we metroed it downtown to the (awesome) public library, we got a little lost. The library is 2 blocks from the PKNG station. I don't know what the heck happened but instead of reaching it in 10 min from the east, we walked around downtown for like an hour and came at it down a bazillion steps from the south side. We still dont know what happened. We are resigned to the fact that we found a tear in the space time continuum.

It looks like I found that tear again. So dang annoying. I couldn't even bring myself to start the last book because I am still so upset about this book.

To be fair, I HAVE been losing TONS of stuff little by little over the last 6-8 months. Never anything huge, and never a lot at a time, but my necklace, my earings (the pretty purple ones) my saphires, my watch, my skinny jeans, my sweaters.....What the heck is going on?

We will see what happens