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Monday, September 20

10 years...Holy Cow

Day off and listening to Snapecast, which I haven't listened to in about a year.... Its their 4-yr anniversary and as they reminisce, so do I.

2007 sounds like it was so long ago. So long ago. Nostalgia.... Thanks to my crack-head co-workers, Im a Facebook fiend and update like crazy. Since I've been using it for a few months, recently, I had a lot of high school friends adding and requesting me. I think I kinda freaked. not because I didn't want to talk to these people or anything, but it just brought so much to the forefront.

Next year...(in a few months) will make 10 years since graduation. What the hell happened in all these years?

Its like i was so caught up w my own life and experiences and got some tunnel vision and before I know it, its about to be time for the reunion. wow.

I think I kind of got a little panic attack when I start thinking about it. Am I going to go next year? I used to say Hell No. Now that I actually started chatting with some of the HS crowd on FB, it might not be so bad.

Time needs to stop. now.

Oh yeah...side note...went to Magic 2weeks ago w my Baby Daddy, Alex, and Milti and ended up passing out from heat stroke.....LMAO. Never thought I would be one of those people. My poor boys. I kinda killed the mood. In my defense, it was so hot the burn on my hand that was already a week old, started bubbling just from standing in line. it was 90+. Looking forward to making it up, at least to my Baby Daddy by going to see Phantom of The Opera in 10 days and will enjoy Oktoberfest this sat!!!