2011 Reading Challenge

Rosa has read 0 books toward a goal of 100 books.

Monday, February 20

The Bar Cynster...Devil's Bride

I enjoyed this book, as someone else put it, It's a fabulous "bodice ripper romance" which made me chuckle because the description is so fitting. Good execution, the plot was a little thin, but I read this book because I was in the mood for a good romance and it very much delivered. The NSFW lemon scenes were a little long for my taste, but overall, a good way to spend a couple of nights. I was listening to the audiobook whilst I was reading, and I totally recommend. Hearing Simon Pebble (what I picture to be a stuffy, older, English gentleman) reading those racy budoir scenes was quite amusing. Good introduction to the Bar Cynster. Will continue series. Hopefully, Mr. Pebble reads the rest as well :-)

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Monday, February 13

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

I love love LOVE Elena and Clay. I freaking go fan girl over all the characters in Armstrong's Otherworld series. Each character is deep and has his or her own backstory, they all have depth and you genuinely feel like you know them. Not a lot of authors can do this. Armstrong can weave this world around you so well, you really believe it. Each character is so robust, that although the books have a sequential order, you can pick any book up anytime and enjoy it as a stand alone!

This is the first though. This is the start. Elena, the only female werewolf in the world torn between her base instinct, loyalty to the pact and Clay....or trying to be human. I like reading it and letting just enough time go by that I forget details so I can rediscover it and enjoy Jeremy, Antonio, Nick, Elena, Clay and even Marsten over again.

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So You Want to be a Wizard

New year, new challenge. This year a more manageable 52 books. Can't do 100 :(

Although the rate I'm going, it's looking more like 1 book a month. Lol. Here we go, Diane Duane and So You Want to be a Wizard.....

An entertaining read. I first read this when I was like 14 (15 years ago) and I really liked it. Enough time went by that I forgot most of it, hence the re-read. I think I was expecting the same vavavoom I felt over a decade ago when I was still a kid. Obviously not the case, but I did still like the story. It was still kind of exciting and sad and I still loved Fred and Nita and Kit. Is definitely targeted at a younger audience, but i might re read the others in the series.

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Friday, February 3