2011 Reading Challenge

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Monday, December 2

Things that are better done alone

Things that are better done alone:

1) reading. One can catch up on a lot of books when not being pestered by others

2) movies. No arguing over what film to watch and no one to hog the popcorn or drink all the soda.

3) hobbies. I have done one painting and two drawing in less than five hours. Talk about productive

4) Netflix. Binging care free and no one scoffing because you want to watch Pride&Prejudice or Love Actually......again.

5) shopping. No one to hold the purse, BUT instead you go to whatever store you want and you don't feel guilty about how much you paid for your shoes, what size your clothes is (did they see me head for the sales rack and grab the XL?), or how long you take at Sephora finding just the right shade.

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Looking at the world from the bottom of a well

The worst lies are those we tell ourselves. Like GiGi, I recite the mantra in my head lest I forget; I am the rule, not the exception. I am the rule. Not the exception.

I had just forgotten what it was like to be alone. For a brief time at least, I was the girl being envied. I was incandescently, indescribably happy. Not one week ago I had told myself how great this year was because I finally got everything I ever wanted. Such a delusional sucker.

"How do you know, when to let go? Where does the good go?"

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