2011 Reading Challenge

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Saturday, February 7

Hormones and thoughts...

Have you ever laughed? Have you ever smiled and enjoyed? You know that true happiness and shine that makes your eyes sparkle?

I was sitting here watching Cold Case and there was Tinkerbelle, A flamboyant drag queen. He was an older man, ol' timmer. Nice salt and pepper hair and crease lines on his weathered face. And he ws smiling. He was sitting there telling people he was beat up for being who he was and he was smiling with his eyes.

He said that he was going to be a cheerleader for a team baseball team and his happiness made even cynical homicide cops get that deep down happiness that you loose when you stop being a child.

It makes me wonder if as a race, we hate others who have what we can't. I wonder if we hate because others, who we think have it worse and should have it worse, are happier with themselves and with life in general and it makes us subconsiously angry, because we feel like failures. failures at life.

Isn't that the saddest thing you ever heard? That we would envy someone for not having it more difficult than us. Just because in our hypocritical minds we think they SHOULD have it worse. Isn't it just like human nature to hate someone for being happy when we aren't?

I really don't think its conscious. If most people knew what they were doing and why, I think they would be disgusted with themselves, because they are good people. Call me romantic, but i've said it before and will say it again: Tabula Rasa.

No, i think it's one of those hidden demons we all keep silent and pretend doesn't exist. until it does.