2011 Reading Challenge

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Thursday, March 22

Chamber of Secrets...

Of course I love Harry Potter and have read the books from GOF and up at least 10 times each, but these earlier ones, I think I have only read once or twice. It's not that I don't CoS, but rather it's too young and moves a little slow when u know there is meatier stuff comin. I still do enjoy getting to the point where I forget enough that it makes the book a page turner, but I'm going to admit, it took like 2 weeks to finish CoS just because I always found something better to do. Listened along to Jim Dale and I LOVE his voice. On to the next one.

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Monday, March 5


That crushing, smushing, riptide.
My heart feels swollen, like a bee has stung it.
Breathing under water.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

20,000 fathoms under the sea.
Soon it will stop and in its place will be a shell.
A conch with lovely echoes and memories of the ocean that once filled it.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

You looked warm playing in the sun
Splashes and crashes to catch your eye
Slack water time is past
Bubbles, bubbles bubbles

I hope you find my conch
Hear my song
And think of me when you see the
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

I was the mermaid.

Saturday, March 3

Boys over flowers and Playful Kiss

Why do such banal things make my heart go pitter-patter? Ugh! Am I like one of these heroines where when u throw me a small bone, I forgive and forget all my wonderfully delicious cynicism and turn into a doe-eyed romantic?


It's like Yi Jueng said, "I bet I can tell. If you had to choose between good news and bad news first, you want the bad news."

Gaul's answer is, "how did you know I would want the bad news first?"

His cool response? "Because good girls always want a happy ending"

Eeeeek!! Insert fan-girl squeal!

It also reminds me of Saving Francesca. When Christobal does something to break Frenchie's heart and the chicks kidnap her for a girl day consisting of junk food, Boy-hating music like Alanis Morsette, doing each other nail and hair, and tops off with good-ol-fashioned Pride&Prrjudice.

And it hits her. Right at that part when Darcy shows his feelings for Elizabeth, when he is coming out of the lake (of course)! And Frankie can't help but still be hopeful about love. And she stops watching the movie, instead to watch her friends, and she sees it in their faces too. Each one of them, from quiet Josie, bitchy Sihoban, and even jaded Tara.....they are not all as tough as they seem..."we are all fools, in love"

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