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Wednesday, February 9

Spring Awakening...8 Tony's well earned

I am incandescently happy right now.

Wore my new black pearl necklace (that I got for a steal in Chinatown for the New Year...rabbit) to the best musical EVA.

Yup. Spring Awakening. Teen emo-ness at it's best. Rape, child abuse, suicide, pregnancy, abortion, homosexuality...in other words teen angst, and I loved it.

Had to remind myself no one paid to hear my dulcet tones and shut myself up cuz I kept wanting to sing along to the upbeat rock songs with titles like "it's the Bitch of Living" and "Totally Fucked" which despite their crude language (or maybe because of it) perfectly captured the melodrama of growing up.

Mando seemed to like it. Lol. I think the partial nudity made him go bug-eyed a little bit, but it was good fun to see him go bug-eyed A LOT. Since it was opening night, they had a red carpet event and raffles to sit on stage, but Mandito kept getting star-stuck. What a spaz.

It was good fun and sparked good conversation about parents and teenagers and all the issues, on the way back that made the trip go by fast. In fact, the whole play seemed to be over much too soon for my liking, but there u go.

Who knew these would be the makings of my a good date? Lmao. All I'm missing is the actual date. Last time I went was with Josh. Nuff said. Lol

I better go to bed. Long day tomorrow and I'm nursing a killer headache from not sleeping last night...(thank u iPhone 4), but I'm not complaining.

Btw, finally ate at the pub next to the pantages. Last time we did sushi and the time b4 that, mesican. Was torn Btwn the shepards pie and fish&chips. Went w the tried and true Guinness battered Cod and chips. Ate every last mouth-watering morsel. Oh, and I brought back another Pantages coffee cup. Lame. I miss the good ol' days when the cups had the name of the play... A la Wicked? Mamma Mia? Dirty Dancing?

No such luck. West Side Story? Phantom of the Opera? And the stoopid mug is an ugly maroon that just reads "Pantages!"

Double lame. Here's hoping Beauty & the Beast will be better.

Isn't the architecture pretty? The pics are kinda blurry, but I had to sneak take them when the attendant wasn't looking. Wish I'd been faster and gotten a picture of the cast.

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- (=^_^=) meow

Wednesday, February 2

Good luck flows on...

I'm sitting in the freezing cold, still trying to battle a bad sore throat and even worse case of the flu, eating a cold stale lunch. Why? Why am I in the parking lot to the Compton BBY eating lunch and freezing my butt of and not toasty warm inside in the break room? Cuz I'm a genius and not only locked my keys in the car, but left them IN the ignition....ready for any passer by to break a window and make off w my precious baby.

So I called my dad and he's on the way w his spare, but I only have 45 min in my lunch...we live 15 min away, factoring in that I wasted 5 min figuring out where my keys were, the way he drives, and traffic hour...I shall freeze my ass off, be late from lunch, and prob get in my car in about 2 hrs....unless I choose to go inside and risk someone seeing my keys, be warm, but maybe come out to a missing vehicle tonight at 10pm.

I may be uncomfortable right now, but I really don't wanna have to file a police report later. Gay!

- (=^_^=) meow